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Our goal is to increase mental health awareness, erase the stigma surrounding mental illness and maximize the amount of donations to mental health organizations. 

Charitable receipts will be issued for donations of $100 and greater. 100% of the proceeds of the event are donated to our designated charity. Thank you for your support! 

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Our Cause

What is the iceberg all about?  

The iceberg represents mental health and, by extension, health itself. 

When we look at an iceberg, we only see the parts above water. Beneath the water an iceberg can be much different than expected, it can be bigger, smaller, sharper, rounder, hollow, or solid. The mind is like this, there is an outer layer that we present to others, and there is also a deep part that can only be seen if we dive beneath the surface. By having deep conversations, and reaching out and connecting with one another, together we can break the ice.

Our belief is that anyone can make a difference in their community, and that when we melt the stigma surrounding mental health in our own community, we help to create positive change for all. 

Together we’re working towards lowering the negative consequences of neglecting our mental health. Mental illness effects people from all ages and backgrounds, by teaching our youth these lessons today, we can accomplish the goal of breaking the stigma tomorrow. This won’t just improve the overall well being of people who experience mental illness, it will help help anyone who has loved ones impacted by this as well as their surrounding communities.  

Join the M4M team by running, walking, donating, volunteering or sharing this page with someone who might be interested. Together we can break the ice and create the change we hope to see.


Registration for our 2019 road race for mental health is now open.

Let's break the ice.

The Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative (SAMHI) is this years' designated charity. SAMHI will receive 100% of the proceeds of the event. SAMHI focuses on eliminating mental illness stigma in post-secondary sport, helping student athletes across Canada get access to the resources needed to maintain and improve mental health, while also advocating on behalf of student-athletes experiencing mental illness.

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